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  • We provide Comprehensive Eye Exams to people of all ages. This includes the treatment of Eye Diseases, Injuries, Allergies and Infections. We offer Vision Correction with Glasses, Contact Lenses, and Laser Eye Surgery. Each option can be tailored to fit your individual lifestyle.
  • Are you uncomfortable and worried about your eyes?

    There is nothing more important than your sight. A proper diagnosis is the important first step towards making you better. Our passion is to provide the Best-in-class eye care solutions.
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    • Gerald Singh

      I am hugely touched and find utmost appreciation of the hospital. The staff has been extremely polite, caring, humble and helpful. Cleanliness is great. Dr Mirlay who is well renowned and a household name is humility personified and gentle. His soothing and calm assurance makes the patient confident and comfortable. Healing takes place just by talking to him.

    • Yesudass M

      It was such a great experience at Mirlay Eye Care. Being diabetic, I was worried about the operation. To my surprise the Cataract operation was done in just 15 min and there were no injections or wounds.

      I'm thankful to the doctors and staff, they were knowledgeable, caring and always focused to cure patients.

    • Santosh

      Doctors and staff are very good and since medical department has been computerized , its easy to get the information needed.


    • Deepankar

      They provide one of the best eye care solutions in bangalore.


Catract Awareness

Our Services

General Ophthalmology
Complete Eye check up including dilatation of pupil if required, for retina examination.
Low visual aids.
Contact lens clinic.
YAG capsulotomy laser.
Computerized Visual Field Testing by Octopus Automated Perimeter.
Tonometry using Non-contact, Applanation & Eye Care System.
Glaucoma evaluation and treatment.
Medical Retinal evaluation
Digital Retinal Photography Test (DRP) for diabetic and hypertensive patients.
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT).
Fundus photography.
Surgeries done at Mirlay Eye Care
Cataract surgery.
Refractive Error Treatment (Lasik Laser).

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Cataract is clouding of the lens in the eye leading to a decrease in vision. It can affect one or both eyes, causing faded colours, blurry vision, halos around light, trouble with bright lights, and trouble seeing at night.

No Injections, Bandages or Dark Glasses! You will be back to business in 10 min with the latest "Eye Drop Surgery" at Center for Eye Care & Eye Drop Surgery.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic Retinopathy

The longer a person has diabetes, the higher his or her chances of developing Diabetic Retinopathy.

Diabetic Retinopathy, also known as diabetic eye disease, when damage occurs to the retina due to diabetes which can eventually lead to blindness.

It's never too late. Get with our doctor to know how you can treat Diabetic Retinopathy.

Dry Eye

Dry Eye

Dry eye is a disease in which tear film evaporation is high or tear production is low. In common conditions your tear films aren't able to provide adequate lubrication for your eyes.

A stable tear film prevents the eyes from becoming dry, and keeps the eyes clear with comfortable vision.



A red eye is a non-specific term to describe an eye that appears red due to illness or injury. It refers to injection and prominence of the superficial blood vessels of the conjunctiva, or sclera, which may be caused by disorders. Conjunctivitis and subconjunctival hemorrhage are common causes.

Get to know how you can treat it.

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